"I will shock Paris with an apple"- Paul Cézanne

For last few months I have been busy toying with the idea for a composition with apples.. '3 Apples' and '21 Apples'. The thought came from apples that I see now everyday, lying on the grass, having fallen from the trees in my garden. It's quite a chore to collect fallen apples and throw them in the pit I have for organic garbage. Thousands of apples will fall off during the session. The first variety to be ready are these soft off-white 'Papirovka' (Polish: Papierówka). It's a cold-resistant early-ripening apple (Malus domestica) cultivar grown across Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltics.
Their round smooth shape and creamy colour look lovely against green grass in different lighting conditions. So after many preliminary studies in form of drawings I took up an old used canvas and painted!!
And I was fascinated by the results and have painted more 'apples' with this combination of 3 & 21 apples. Apples have been painted as part of still-life or on trees but fallen apples lying on the grass has been mostly ignored by artists. I hopefully will paint this motif in the future...
"I will shock Paris with an apple"- Paul Cézanne
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