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Don't want to spend money on cooking classes? Strapped for cash for music lessons? Or do you need to know how to massage your possum? Find any tutorial you can imagine on YouTube.

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Mums At The Table is the place where we share, laugh and dream together. It’s a TV panel show featuring real women; smart and sassy ladies with real lives, real families, real struggles and real joy. But Mums At The Table is more than a series of awesome videos. It’s also an invitation for conversation via our website and various social media platforms and an opportunity to dig deeper by reading in-depth articles and making our recipes and hands-on tips a reality. We want our viewers—no, our community—to feel a sense of friendship and belonging at Mums At The Table as well as sensing that their self-worth, their health, their relationships, their faith, and their worldview are being transformed for the better.

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